About Us

Wicked Wire, also known as Wicked Wire Workwear, was created for the working lineman. The idea for Wicked Wire came to us when we noticed the industry was lacking a quality brand for lineman to show their pride, through something other than your standard lineman on a pole graphic. Our research found mostly designs that were repeated over and over or business that were geared more towards the line wife. While we are thrilled to support the lineman on the pole, and the line wives, we wanted to create something that outlived the standard. With these thoughts we were able to bring Wicked Wire alive and are excited to outfit our fellow brothers with the highest quality gear possible. By lineman, for lineman.


Wicked Wire is owned and operated by Journeyman Lineman Josh Rakan and his wife Daisy.

Josh followed in his Dads footsteps; going to ALBAT, completing his apprenticeship, and receiving his Journeyman Lineman's ticket through Local 876. Since topping out he has traveled and worked out of Local 66, 1249, and 17 enjoying meeting new people and working on new systems.